Powerpoint Twitter Magic – now you can tweet from PowerPoint

In my post 10 tools for presenting with Twitter, I lamented that there was no easy-to-use way of posting tweets from within PowerPoint. Timo Elliott of SAPWeb2.0 has now created an add-in for PowerPoint 2004 and 2007 which does just that. It’s called AutoTweet.

Thank you Timo – you’re a star!

Go to Timo’s PowerPoint Twitter page to download the add-in. Open PowerPoint, and click on the Add-in ribbon. Then click on Autotweet – highlighted in this screenshot:

ppt twitter ribbon

You’ll get this Dialog box:

ppt twitter tools dialog box

Then type your tweet into the Notes pane of your PowerPoint slide. Type after your tweet. Then when you click onto that slide, that tweet will get posted to Twitter.

This new tool is in alpha mode – meaning it’s not yet been thoroughly tested (Timo is looking for testers). In my first test it worked beautifully.

What about Keynote users?

You’ve already got an add-in. It’s called Keynote Tweet and works in much the same way.

Why would you want to do this?

There’s lots of tweeting going on at conferences. But often the presenter is the only one not taking part. This way you can be present in the backchannel of your presentation. And you can make it easy for your audience to retweet the main points of your presentation (make sure your tweet is easily retweetable by allowing space for “RT @yourusername” within the 140 characters).

One warning – create two versions of your PowerPoint show – one with the tweets and one without so that you can practice with your slides without sending multiple tweets several times over.

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  1. Wow! This has great possibilities! I’ll probably be doing more presentations soon, and this could be helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Totally genius!! I’m so getting this for all my preso’s! :) Thanks a mil for the headsup, Olivia! (presumably the computer has to be connected to the internet!)


    • Hi Mari

      Yes, you do need to have an internet connection – which is not something to take for granted. Just as with all presentation technology – Plan B is to be able to give the presentation without it!

      The kudos goes to Timo Elliot of @SAPWeb20 who’s done a fantatic job developing these tools.


    • Great post, Nancy. That’s great that it went so well, Olivia.

  3. Cool, cela fonctionne sous Powerpoint 2010 ! Super !!! ;-)

    • Hi Andre
      That’s great to hear, Olivia


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