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How to recover from a presentation disaster

Getting no feedback from your audience is hard. That’s what happened to a reader, Emma, this week: I did a 20-minute presentation during a lunch yesterday and I’m feeling pretty terrible about it.  I would love to tell you all of the details about what I felt...

Anxiety and public speaking: new research

The most effective longterm way to overcome public speaking anxiety is to use a proven method such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. But what if you’ve just had a bad public speaking experience which has caused your anxiety to rocket upwards? New research...

What makes a good public speaker

One of the defining qualities of a good public speaker is the willingness to make a fool of yourself. At the New Media Atlanta conference in 2009, Chris Brogan was the last keynote of the day. He’d watched all day as the backchannel drowned in snark. He could have...

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