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Articles on reducing your nervousness

These articles explore proven methods to reduce your nervousness about speaking before a group.

Overcome the fear of public speaking the proven way
This post looks at the evidence that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the most effective strategy for managing your nerves.

The seven thinking sins of public speaking
This post explores the flaws in the way we think and how that contributes to your nervousness.

There’s no such thing as the perfect presentation
This post looks at how to challenge your unhelpful thoughts and how to replace  them with more empowering thoughts.

15 baby steps to overcoming the fear of public speaking
This post looks at a gradual method of getting used to speaking in public and managing your fear.

Review of the methods to overcome the fear of public speaking

Affirmations and visualization

Hypnosis and relaxation training

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy